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Finding The Right Training Partner

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So, it turns out that the buddy system isn't just for little kids crossing the street. This week I’m discussing how training with a partner can be a great idea and can help you get into shape faster. But there are some important things we need to consider to make sure you and your partner are a good match.

How to choose a training partner:

First things first, you need to choose the right person that will complement your style of training and your goals. For example, if one person wants to train to build size and muscle, while the other person is training to cut down and get lean and ripped, your training styles will conflict. The person who trains for hypertrophy will be eating differently, doing more compound exercises, have longer rest periods and will be doing less sets, lower reps with heavier weights. Therefore, it is important to make sure both of you are on the same page so that your training styles and goals align.

You also need to consider each other’s schedules and what time of day you both are able to train. Be realistic about when the best time is for YOU. No matter how badly you want to train with someone, if it’s going to make you late, cut into your workout time or stress you out trying to get there, it’s not the right fit. You and your training partner should have complementary energy levels so you aren’t forcing a morning workout if you are clearly not a rise-and-grind kinda person.

Another important point to keep in mind is choosing a training partner that matches your level of intensity. You may want to train with your buddy, but if they annoyingly chat too much in between sets, insist on doing counterproductive pre-workout cardio, or, even worse, spend too much times taking selfies (shudder). This will only hold you back. You need someone who will push you and who is up for a challenge.

You can even have more than one training partner to suit each of your fitness interests. You can have someone you do your weights with, someone who you meet at the gym for cardio, another friend to do a stretching or yoga class with, and a few other friends you like to do outdoor activities with, like hikes or team sports.