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New Year’s Fitness Resolution - A guide to Success


As we all know, January is the time when people tend to set resolutions for the New Year, and fitness just so happens to be the number one goal. But, so many times, people’s enthusiasm wanes after the first few months. Let talk about this guys… all the craziness in the gym in January may be a tad overwhelming, but I still want to see you in there come next September! Let’s look at some of the main challenges people face when implementing a new fitness and wellness plan.

The gym is too busy

When people start in early January, they may not be prepared for how busy it is in most facilities, so be aware that you may have to wait for machines and your workout may take a little longer, but don’t let this discourage you. It does die down in a few months, and by that time you will be well acquainted with the machines and the facility, so be patient and stick it out.

Setting unrealistic training times

People sometimes set a goal to train 5 days a week at 6 am before heading to work. If you aren’t used to getting up at 5am most days, then you may have a problem getting your best workout in at 6 am. Think about your energy levels, some people do very well training early in the morning, but others (myself included) need to have a few meals in me before my energy levels really peak.

Too much too soon

It’s great that you may be all gung-ho and full of piss and vinegar, but hold on a sec! If you go full throttle out of the gates you may be setting yourself up for disappointment down the line. Often people push themselves way too hard at first and their bodies are not yet used to hard-core training and dieting. The best advice I can give, is to easy into it. Get the trainin